The Italian Taste

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Opening Times

Our new opening times are:



Tuesday – Sunday

Open from 12PM to 10:30PM

Weekly Specials

We have a wonderful selection of dishes that change every week and with every season, we use fresh ingredients of a superior quality.


Please ask you waiter for the weekly specials.

A short intro

They say that Italians are loud and that they often talk with their hands. They say that Italians have their way with words and that they can sweet-talk you into everything. They also say that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Except when it comes to the passion that Italians have.

Yes, we are loud, we talk with our hands but we also put passion into everything we do. Especially in our food. For us, cooking is a pleasure and each ingredient is chosen as if it has to pass grand-mamma’s stamp of approval. It has to be fresh and it has to be authentic.

Because we like to dine in a traditional matter, we want to make sure that everybody we cook for loves our food and the recipes are as special as they were when our moms learned them from their moms. We are happy when everybody’s happy and we take huge pride in our heritage…and food is part of our heritage.

Italian dining is an experience of its own and like any unique experience it has to be authentic. So sure, you can book a short trip to Sicily or Tuscany and have that experience, or you can just put a coat on, open your umbrella and come join us for an Italian lunch or dinner in Surbiton.


Find us in Surbiton on 44 Victoria Road

For any enquiries contact us on :

0208 241 2105



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We can only accept bookings made at least 4 hours in advance to your preferred time slot and no later than 30 days ahead. Once you book a table you will receive two e-mails: one to let you know that we have received your booking request and the second to confirm your booking.

For further enquiries regarding bookings and larger parties (over 20 people) please contact us directly.


À la carte

Pane & Pizzette

Cold Antipasti

Hot Antipasti


Primi Piatti

Secondi Piatti 

Daily fresh fish from Brixham Market – please ask your server


White Wines

Red Wines

Champagne & Prosecco

Rose Wines


Get in Touch

We are a family owned Italian restaurant in Surbiton, Surrey. Since our opening in 1997 the restaurant has grown gradually, during which time we have developed our style of food, our wine and our fun & lively ambience.Our customers, many of whom have been with us since the start, have been our best critics and have always told us about what they think about the changes we make. This is because they feel it is their place as much as it is ours.

We are open for lunch and dinner every day so feel free to visit us any day you wish. For special offers and new recipes follow us on Facebook where you can share your experience with other fans or win many prizes by taking part in our competitions. Here at the Italian Taste we use only the freshest ingredients and take real pride in preparing the best authentic Italian cuisine for you, your family, friends or business colleagues – there is something for everyone. Our dishes are prepared with love & care and are full of flavours & texture.

It’s the kind of food you’ll walk around the corner for on a Tuesday night and not be disappointed with”GILES COREN, Restaurant Critic for The Times